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Est. March 31, 2006
Trail Mix No 2

 Are you looking for information on trails and other outdoor activities on the South Shore?
Many people love to enjoy our trails but simply don't know where to look, or they don't know how to find information such as maps. Well, all that has changed, because now you just have to search one website that has all of that information and you can even print off some maps or directions! You will also find event listings and outdoor adventure activities that will appeal to anyone – regardless of age, income or ability.

 South Shore Connect is a joint venture supported by South Shore Active Communities (SSAC), Lunenburg Queens Recreation Coordinators/Directors Association (LQRCDA), Yarmouth Shelburne Municipal Recreation Association (YSMRA), and the Province of Nova Scotia. 
 This is a complete online directory of sport, recreation and active living opportunities for residents and visitors across all of the South Shore. The goal of this website is to share information, build community, and to make it easier and more convenient than ever to find out what's going on around you. 
South Shore Connect brings benefits to all our communities! It is a great way to get good online information about parks, trails and outdoor events in the region, and help everyone get the information that they need to get outdoors and start having fun!
If you are looking for more information on Trails and Open Space in the District of Lunenburg, please contact Laura Barkhouse at or call 902.541.1352.
Trail Mix No 1

It has been a busy trail season so far on the South Shore! There have been many people out enjoying our local trails, which shows how important these community trails are for residents and visitors.

The rail-trails in this region are, for the most part, shared between different trail users. Walkers, bicyclists, horses and off highway vehicles can be found on most of the routes that once carried trains back and forth through our communities. With just a few exceptions, the shared-use concept is working well. Most people seem to understand and appreciate that we have a limited land base for our outdoor recreation, and sharing certain routes makes the most sense.

I encourage all trail enthusiasts to consider their impact on fellow trail users and be thoughtful of others by following these simple rules that are based on common sense, safety and respect. Whether you enjoy a trail on a bicycle, on foot, on a horse, on an ATV, or by any other means, your presence there is a privilege. Everyone who uses a trail, uses it for the same reasons – to enjoy themselves. If we all work together, trails will be there for everyone in the years to come.

So, remember to:

Be aware of other trail users – expect and respect others!

Stay to the right of the trail (except when passing).

If approaching on a bicycle, use your bell or call out to others.

Always clean up after yourself and your pet.

Travel at the posted speed.

Keep pets on a leash.

Stay on the trail - respect the environment and private landowners

Respect wildlife – the trails are home to many plants and animals - you are the visitor.

Obey all posted signs.  

You can reach the Trail Coordinator for the District of Lunenburg at 541-1352 or email