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Sew with Vision
I have been advertising with Here and There for about 9+ years and I am extremely pleased with the results. Not only am I pleased with the customer response I have received but I am very pleased with the personal "one on one help" I receive from Ryan. He is extremely professional and gives very qualified advise but the final decision on your ad is up to you, the client. 
-Bonnie S
Lane Home Furnishings - Jason Loppie
Hello Ryan,just wanted to let you know I just got a sale in the amount of 11,000.00. I asked the client how they heard of me and our company and they responded "We seen it in here and there " so Thank You and keep up the good work  
- Jason Loppie ps. I'll be in touch 
OCR Equipment and Rentals Ltd.
We are a new Rental Store on the South Shore , OCR Equipment and Rentals Ltd. and have been working with Here and There Marketing since even before we were up and running .We can't express enough how satisfied we are with the services and products that are given to us by Ryan and Here and There Marketing itself .They have only our best interest at heart with knowledgeable information and services to help us get the customers we want into our doors. With prompt response to our concerns and needs they are always there to help us with the advertising we need and always advising us with helpful hints for future plans in our advertising .Here and There Marketing is a great way to say what you need to say to get people to come in and see what you have to offer . 
 -Melanie Harrington